Teaser of Xue Yu (Alice) Mongolian Thesis Documentary

Teaser of Xue Yu (Alice) Mongolian Thesis Documentary from Xue Yu on Vimeo.

This is a teaser video of Xue Yu (Alice)’s thesis documentary in production. Expected to be done in February, 2015.

The Mongolian ethnic group in China is decreasing in number as their grassland being regulated more and more by the government and their culture fading away. My film follows one family of herdsman where the mother and 4-year-old son travel between city and grassland and being separated from their family on a daily basis.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer: Xue Yu (Alice). All rights reserved.

Living to the Beats

MAS Youth Program in Astoria fighting for Young Muslims’ Rights

Final project video on Muslim American Society (MAS) Youth Program in Astoria, Queens, and its efforts in fighting for the rights of Muslim kids, 2013.

Planned, shot, wrote, edited, and produced by Xue Yu (Alice)

For NYU NewsDoc TV Reporting I, http://newagendanewyork.com/