Voices of the Movement

What happens when a person becomes part of a global social movement? In a series of eight videos, Voices of the Movement features nine activists ranging from experienced organizers engaged in the biggest movement of their lives, to those who have been inspired by the unprecedented change that rippled through 2020. Each voice reveals why they are out there, what they’ve learned, and what is next for the movement.

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Originally published on CNN.COM on February 6, 2021

Credit: Lead Producer, DP, Cinematographer

The Y2K Story

In 1999 citizens prepared for the end of the millennium like it was the end of the world. The threat was a computer error that could not recognize the turn of the digital dial to 2000. But was the crisis real? The answer may surprise you. Watch this exclusive 8-part series to find out how the problem was solved.

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Originally published on CNN.COM on February 6, 2021

Credit: Lead Producer, DP, Cinematographer

Family Meal: San Francisco

Join Alice Waters, Cecilia Chiang, Dominique Crenn, Tanya Holland, and Gabriela Cámara at a family meal in San Francisco’s Bay Area, an area where female chefs reign. Bringing inclusivity and inspiration to both the kitchen and dining room. These women are industry pioneers in a city defined by innovation.

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Originally published on CNNTravel on December 18, 2019

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Pride & Progress

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots – as New York City hosts the 2019 World Pride Parade – CNN Digital Productions produces an immersive multi-platform video experience celebrating and exploring the global evolution of PRIDE, looking at where we’ve come and where we headed. Throughout the package we will highlight the people who have, and are, paving the way for progress.

Originally published on CNN.com in June, 2019

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After the Moon

When we set foot on the moon 50 years ago the frontier of space seemed within grasp. A half a century later we have yet to solve the complex challenges of human space travel. But, optimism has returned as groundbreaking initiatives gain traction. This documentary series explores the inspiration, ambition, and challenges facing our exploration of space –  with a sharp focus on why it matters now and for the future.

After the Moon looks at the evolution of our pursuit of space exploration after Apollo 11. We’ll visit the mavericks and newsmakers that will bring us to the next frontier of space. Archival footage will provide the historical context for how we got here, and where we’re going.

These women are designing spacesuits of the future

These are the benefits of space exploration

Meet the first tourist going to the moon

Originally published on CNN.com in May, 2019

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American Woman in Politics with Brooke Baldwin

American Woman in Politics with Brooke Baldwin returns for its second season on Wednesday, September 5 across our OTT network as well as core digital platforms. In the wake of the Women’s March on Washington and the #MeToo movement, a record-breaking number of women are running for office in 2018. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin hits the trail with the women looking to make history, gaining unprecedented access and behind-the-scenes coverage of a historical election cycle.

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Originally published on CNN.com in September, 2018

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Family Meal: New Orleans

“Family Meal: NOLA” takes viewers to New Orleans to explore the appetizing landscape and the history behind this dynamic city. This premium digital video series features intimate interviews with prominent culinary chefs as they share their origins and extoll their local culinary scene as an expression of a city’s character.

Through an intimate group dinner and individual trips to each chef’s restaurant, “Family Meal: New Orleans” explores the challenges and rewards of New Orleans, touching on the city’s socioeconomic and historic challenges and how food and community play a significant role in shaping The Big Easy.

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Originally published on CNN.com in September, 2018

Credit: Lead Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

American Woman with Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin sits down with eight accomplished women who have shattered ceilings across their respective industries. These are women who wouldn’t take no for an answer, overcoming every obstacle in their way in order to conquer their dreams and expand opportunities for others.

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Originally published on CNN.com in January, 2018

Credit: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Women who March: The Movement

It started as a Facebook post and it sparked a movement. The Women’s March on Washington has reinvigorated the women’s movement and brought everyday women off the sidelines to join the fight. CNN follows the national organizers of the Women’s March over the course of a year documenting the internal conflicts, external threats, and the mass mobilizations and actions in between.

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Originally published on CNN.com in January, 2018

Credit: Cinematographer, Post Production

Family Meal: NYC

In the 1980’s, four French chefs, Daniel Boulud, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Eric Ripert, and Jacques Torres all immigrated to the United States and found friendship. Through the years, they formed the “French Connection,” turning to each other for support, both personally and professionally.

In this CNN interactive experience, these culinary masters sit down to an epic meal in which they relive the trials and tribulations of an immigrant in Manhattan. This is the first CNN Digital series to be shot solely on RED Digital Cinema cameras. In addition to a 15 minute documentary, the interactive also includes biographies on each chef, highlighting their momentous careers, 360 degree photos of each chef’s favorite dishes, as well as behind the scenes photography.

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Originally published on CNN.com in December, 2017

Credit: Lead Producer, Cinematographer, Post Production

This is Sex with Lisa Ling

A multi-part documentary series, This Is Sex With Lisa Ling explores the enduring taboos around sex in America and the ways in which our sexuality has been stigmatized, policed and politicized. From the controversial sex education programs in our schools, to the experience of dating while HIV positive, to the ongoing pursuit of sexual liberation, host Lisa Ling sits down for the conversations about sex you weren’t allowed to have at the dinner table.

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Originally published on CNN.com in September, 2017

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The Green Wall

A three-part video series with articles on the border patrols of America across three sections along the border. This is a multimedia project made for the first digital magazine STATE for CNN Politics.

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Originally published On CNN Politics on June 1, 2017

Credit: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor


COMPLICIT is a feature documentary filmed over 3 years in China’s electronics zones Shenzhen and Guangzhou with lush cinematography and unique access. The film takes the audience on an 8000-mile journey to the world’s electronics factory floors, revealing the situations under which China’s youth population has shifted by the millions in search of a better life.

Official selection of: Toronto International Film Festival, Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2017, Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights.

Won Grand Jury Prize at the Paris Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Credit: Assistant Editor

American Dream: New York

Howard Schultz… Alan Greenspan… Mickey Drexler… Russell Simmons… Ursula Burns… There was something happening in New York City in the first half of the 20th Century: the 1% were being formed in the primordial soup of the city’s roughest neighborhoods. CNNMoney’s Cristina Alesci talks to some of the city’s most successful offspring to find out how it shaped their drive for success.

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Originally published on CNN.com on February 6, 2017.

Credit: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

We the Women

You’ve heard about the Women’s March on Washington, a demonstration that filled the streets of the nation’s capital, and brought millions out in protest across the country, and around the world following the inauguration of President Trump. It started as a Facebook post and it sparked a new wave of the women’s movement. This is the story behind that historic day.

In a sea of day-of event coverage of the march from countless media outlets, Women Who March stands apart, telling the story behind the headline. It is unique in its behind-the-scenes access and documentation of the struggles, hopes, fears, disagreements, determination and vision of the organizers responsible for one of the biggest political protests in American history. In the male-dominated field of journalism, this feature story was created by a racially diverse all-female crew, from producer to cinematographers to editor, lending an authenticity and depth to the storytelling.

Women Who March is a first version of history in a new era of American political and social activism.

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Originally published on CNN.com in January 2017

Credit: Cinematographer, Post Production

#Myvote & Election Night Coverage

CNN Politics is taking a month-long trip across the country right before the 2016 election. But we’re not following the candidates, we want to hear from you, the people. Join Chris Moody and Vanessa Yurkevich as they visit places where campaigns and political reporters don’t always go.

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Originally published on CNN.com in October, 2016

Credit: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Won 2017 Webby Award for Social Events

Won 2017 Edward R. Murrow Awards for Excellence in Social Media

Won 2017 PromaxBDA for Special Project Award

This is Birth with Lisa Ling

The multi-part investigative series will look at the rising cost of, and changing industry around pregnancy and childbirth in the U.S. — from skyrocketing hospital bills, to the out-of-hospital alternative movement, to the costs of pregnancy for women delaying childbirth later than ever before.

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Originally published on CNN.com in September, 2016

Credit: Cinematographer, Post Production

Rootless Trailer

A Inner Mongolian mother lives a split life for her 5-year-old son. To leave their grassland home and family for city on a daily basis, she found her son caught in between fading tradition and modernization.

The Mongolian ethnic group in China is decreasing in number as their culture and tradition slowly giving away to financial needs, policy regulations and city lifestyle. Rootless features one such Mongolian herdsman family in New Barag Banner, Inner Mongolia, China. The son has to go to school in the city whereas the dad has to stay back on grassland to provide. Lotus, the mom, commutes back and forth in two different lifestyles.

Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Xue Yu (Alice)
Film Scoring: Nature Ganganbaigal and Danielle Merlis http://www.ng-dm.com/
Thanks to: National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York


Teaser of Xue Yu (Alice) Mongolian Thesis Documentary

[vimeo 108859657 w=500 h=281]

Teaser of Xue Yu (Alice) Mongolian Thesis Documentary from Xue Yu on Vimeo.

This is a teaser video of Xue Yu (Alice)’s thesis documentary in production. Expected to be done in February, 2015.

The Mongolian ethnic group in China is decreasing in number as their grassland being regulated more and more by the government and their culture fading away. My film follows one family of herdsman where the mother and 4-year-old son travel between city and grassland and being separated from their family on a daily basis.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer: Xue Yu (Alice). All rights reserved.