We the Women

You’ve heard about the Women’s March on Washington, a demonstration that filled the streets of the nation’s capital, and brought millions out in protest across the country, and around the world following the inauguration of President Trump. It started as a Facebook post and it sparked a new wave of the women’s movement. This is the story behind that historic day.

In a sea of day-of event coverage of the march from countless media outlets, Women Who March stands apart, telling the story behind the headline. It is unique in its behind-the-scenes access and documentation of the struggles, hopes, fears, disagreements, determination and vision of the organizers responsible for one of the biggest political protests in American history. In the male-dominated field of journalism, this feature story was created by a racially diverse all-female crew, from producer to cinematographers to editor, lending an authenticity and depth to the storytelling.

Women Who March is a first version of history in a new era of American political and social activism.

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Originally published on CNN.com in January 2017

Credit: Cinematographer, Post Production